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Tips for a Legal Health Check

This Legal Health Check can increase your chance of success. 

• BE INFORMED – about immigration programs you are eligible for. 

• Collect your papers such as proof of age, nationality, education, language, health, family  relationships, work, finances.

• SET A BUDGET for immigration expenses (e.g. moving, insurance, legal fees) and the costs of living. 

• PLAN FOR YOUR ARRIVAL. What type of employment, housing, health, education, childcare, banking, transportation is available in the area you choose to relocate to. Improve your English or French if needed. 

• Get support – BUILD A NETWORK OF CONTACTS and learn about services for immigrants. 

• Make it complete –SUBMIT ALL REQUIRED INFORMATION, provide all supporting documents and answer all questions clearly – sign and date your forms. 

• PROVIDE ACCURATE INFORMATION – giving false information is against the law and has serious consequences. 

• REVIEW carefully – understand everything in your application before you submit it, have someone translate if needed, and keep a copy. Inaccurate or incomplete information can mean delays or even refusal of your application. FIND THE RIGHT HELP. Hiring a representative is not required, but laws for immigrating to Canada are complex and errors can be serious. 

• Use a REGULATED immigration consultant. They have education, training, and ethical standards. Your communications with them will be kept confidential.

• CHECK CREDENTIALS – your representative should be authorized by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) to provide immigration services.  

• ASK– about training and experience in immigration law, who will work on your application, how you will communicate, and what they will charge. 

• BE READY WITH A LIST OF QUESTIONS about the process for your representative.

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What are your immigration options?

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