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Search for a Job

More than likely you’ll be applying for a job in Canada, either before you apply for a permit, or when you land. Check with us before you start a job search. You may need to be located in a certain province/community to be eligible for an immigration program that is advantageous for a future permanent resident application.

There are many ways to look for jobs, such as:

  • research companies where you want to work
  • check the company website for openings
  • contact employers directly to ask if they are interested in hiring someone with your skills

Above all – sell yourself – because this might be the only time the employer has to listen to your pitch.

According to Forbes Magazine,

‘Think of “you” as a superhero version of yourself. Make a list of your best qualities. Dress the way SuperYou would dress. Talk the way SuperYou would talk. Be SuperYou. Role play. It’s a part. Experiment. This is play.’

many jobs aren’t advertised

  • ask family and friends if they know about open positions
  • advertise your skills on social media
  • learn about jobs by speaking to people in your industry

Apply for jobs

Once you find a job you’re interested in, you’ll usually need to apply by sending your

  • cover letter, which is a short description of what makes you right for the job, and speaks directly to the position you are applying for
  • résumé, which is also known as a “curriculum vitae” or a C.V.

The Hidden Job Market

It’s easier to find a job if you have a set network of contacts. Networking helps tremendously when you search for jobs in Canada’s hidden job market.

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