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Zande Canadian Immigration Inc. is an immigration consulting firm and representative of employers who want to hire from abroad.

Critical labour shortages identified by the provinces indicate that hiring skilled labor from abroad is necessary. Statistics Canada reports the unemployment to job vacancy ratio is at a historical low in Canada in 2022. There’s a huge demand for not just farm workers, but in every industry.

Authorization is required to hire foreign workers. There are several programs available to employers to obtain authorization. In most instances a Labour Market Impact Assessment is required to be performed by Service Canada.  A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application is evaluated by Employment, Social Development Canada to determine the impact the hiring from abroad will have on the areas’ labour market. With approval from ESDC, a positive LMIA is issued and the worker may then apply for a work permit with the same terms that are agreed to in the LMIA.

LMIA Exemptions are available in certain industries, for example hiring a worker in IT may not require an LMIA in British Columbia, hiring a technician for 1 year from Mexico under a free trade agreement is exempt.

Educated as both a human resource professional and legal immigration representative, I have the unique background of education and experience to advise companies on the hiring of a foreign worker as well as represent their employees in their immigration process.

LMIA’s are available in any province.

EXAMPLES OF Clients who have successfully obtained a positive LMIA or authorization under an International Mobility Program

  • A manufacturer in Toronto who required skilled technicians to install and service custom automation equipment.
  • An installer of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment in northern British Columbia. The company was expanding rapidly, and the area has a 20 percent job vacancy rate. Ten positions for technicians were filled with skilled labour.
  • A start-up company tried unsuccessfully to fill an IT position after recruiting on various advertising platforms. Service Canada recognizes that IT positions are hard to fill and the LMIA qualified for a 10 day processing period.
  • A software development company required a highly experienced CEO in the insurance industry. This LMIA also qualified for 10 day processing.

By representing both the company and the employee, I have a complete picture of each party thereby increasing the chances of a successful Labour Market Impact Assessment application.

My educational background includes Human Resource Management courses at Western University, diplomas in Human Services Administration from Sheridan College and Immigration Law from Ashton College.

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