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Diana counsels businesses that require skilled workers and are interested in hiring from abroad. She also assists skilled workers, students, and families through the immigration process. Connecting employers with skilled workers is the cornerstone of her immigration law practice.

Having gone through the immigration process herself twice to two different countries, she can relate to and advise her clients how to make settling in Canada as seamless as possible.

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Redefine yourself in Canada

Multiculturalism is fundamental to the Canadian identity, and plays an important part in the country’s politics.

What this means to someone moving to Canada is that you likely won’t feel the need to fit into any particular cultural mold.

And what is Canadian food anyway? Beavertails, poutine and pizza ingredients like you've never heard of before.

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Member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants

What People Are Saying About Us

Shaun van Niekerk

Diana has been great. Throughout the whole process we really have felt that she has been on our side. Her efficiency and professionalism was greatly appreciated. From managing expectations to sorting out the legalities she never let us down. I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering coming to Canada.


Yes we could have done it ourselves but we wanted to use an expert in the field. The choice of going to Diana showed us that this was the correct route to do and we managed to get into Canada literally a year to the date that we started speaking to her! Honestly I know that if we had not used Diana we would still be in South Africa! Diana was there on our rollercoaster ride and we are so grateful for all the help she gave us!

Marissa Jones

Diana really moved heaven and earth to assist us. It did not matter what time it was or what day of the week it was she was always on top of our process to get into Canada. 

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